Uncovering Better Ways of Educating Children

"We are uncovering better ways of educating children by doing it and helping others do it."

Agile is not a static approach. Like the world it seeks to respond to, it is constantly changing. Practitioners are involved in an ongoing process of discovery—a processor of "uncovering" better ways of doing things.

The word "uncovering" is a deliberate choice. It suggests that much of what we want to know is buried or hidden under things that already exist. Clear away the old assumptions we've been working with for decades and we are likely to find simpler, more effective ways of doing things.

The best Agile solutions are typically those that strip away layers of tradition, or hierarchy, or management control. In school, these are the solutions that often produce better results for students while reducing effort for teachers at the same time.


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Steve Peha

I think there are three important ideas here: (1) Uncovering better ways of educating by focusing on end results and stripping away anything we don't need to get them; (2) "Doing it"— or the fact that one is actively engaged in practiced rather than theorizing about practice; and (3) "Helping others do it"—or being engaged with others in collaboration and support.

While I've read a lot of books and attended many workshops, my best learning has always come from classroom practice, particularly practice with one or more like-minded people.

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